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Overheard at Funspot XIV...

It was the best year yet for the International Classic Videogame Tournament - the best line-up of games, the best competition, and the best operation. (And as one of only two to have competed EVERY year, I ought to know.) My usual collection of oddities for my post-tourney out-of-context theater has some winners as well. As always, these are possibly paraphrased, and questions regarding their speakers and/or situations will be ignored and/or obliterated. (Any other questions about the tourney are perfectly welcome.)

  • "Aaagh, EIGHTIES!"

  • Instructions: ...3. Cry. 4. Press Alt-F4 to ragequit.

  • "I'm aiming for 100% completion. On milk. ...It does a body awesome."

  • "Church for sale by owner?! ...Does God take Visa?"

  • "I'm lining my pockets with paper towels."

  • "But I don't know why she swallowed the dragon... I guess I'll die‚ô™"

  • "No mushroom house for you!"

  • "Remember those two packages of waffles I bought? I threw one at him."

  • "Enter pee-pee zone!"

  • "That's for people who would get skin cancer just by looking at a greenhouse funny."

  • "Sucks to be adequate."

  • Funspot: Dominating the world since the 50's.

And I have one last one that's too epic to not share what happened, so I'm going to. I was candlepin bowling with friends when one of them managed a 2-4-6-7-10 split, with a deadwood pin lying perfectly horizontally at the front of the field covering the visual gap between the 2 and 6. Es second ball - I kid you not - upon hitting the deadwood pin JUMPED it like it were a ramp and the ball a BMX. When the utter amazement and hilarity subsided, I heard:

  • "You get the Most Impressive Zero-Point Shot of EVER Award."

If you were there, feel free to add your own in the comments. - ZM

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