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zotmeister ([personal profile] zotmeister) wrote 2012-05-03 07:43 pm (UTC)

Right, so here's the first bit of hinting towards reassembling Puzzle 67 (highlight to view): [First off, you'll need to solve the other six puzzles completely, if that wasn't obvious. Once you have, stop ignoring those little gray letters, and see if you can find any eerie correlations among them. There are some in the grid for Puzzle 67 already, but the other grids are filled with them... hmmm... also, those titles sure are weird, aren't they? What are they supposed to be referring to again? Zotanna's words speak volumes....] That'll do for now - more tomorrow if anyone needs more. Incidentally, just because I'm not soliciting solutions anymore doesn't mean I'm not soliciting comments - feel free to ask here or by email anything about any of my puzzles (but stick to email if it could be a spoiler!). My email address is on my user info page. Let me know how I'm doing! - ZM

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